Friday, 24 September 2010

How to Write and Publish a Book

Prepare the contents
  • Write the book contents in Word
  • Organize the contents chapter by chapter
  • Design the front page and back page
  • Get the contents reviewed by a Specialist
  • Choose an attractive name for your book
Other materials:
  • Add pictures
  • Create CD/DVD
Publish the book
  • Investigate who your customers are
  • Investigate where/how your book can be advertised
To be researched..

Sunday, 5 September 2010

All about UK Dividend Tax

When a company profits (income - expenses > 0), that money can be re-invested in the business (Retained Earnings) or paid as a dividend to the company shareholders.

When Company C1 pays dividend, should it pay tax?

Corporations should pay Corporation Tax on their profits which is now 20%. This tax is paid before paying any dividend!

When shareholder S1 receives dividend, should it pay tax?

If the shareholder's overall dividend income is between £37,400 and £150,000, then that shareholder has to pay 32.5% tax on his dividend. If the dividend income is less than £37,400 then 10% is the tax.

hmm, if £1000 is your Company's profit you have to pay £200 for corporation tax. So on the remaining £800, you have to pay 10% of it (assuming you're the shareholder) for shareholder dividend which would be £80. Therefore, at the end what you will get is £720 which means overall you have paid is 28% tax whereas if that profit was to be paid via PAYE, then 40% tax should have been paid assuming the shareholder's gross income is over £37,400.

So the tax saving you would make in this way would be 12% on your income above £37,400.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Permie to Contractor; What Rate?

All depends on your skills, experience, niche and cheek but there is a formula which is ideal:

Salary*7.5/1000 so if you ear £40k a year the contract rate of £300 would be good for you. If you're a first time contractor the coefficient would be perhaps 6.

Also you can check the itjobwatch site for the average rates for your skill.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What are the Best IT Contractor Forums?

You always have questions; one way to get your answers is to use forums:

What Insurances Do You Need for Your Business?

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI insurance or indemnity insurance, can help protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to a problem with work you have done for them.

There are few more:

Business Startup: Microsoft BizSpark

Register your company on BizSpark to become a BizSpark partner then you will be able to access all Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio for free for 3 years.

MSDN Subscriptions:

Average Contract Rate