Saturday, 16 April 2011

Client / Colleagues Entertainment


Generally be generous to give, it will return to you multi-folded in mysterious ways.
  • Buy cakes, biscuits for all your colleagues once a month
  • Pay your colleague's bill at pub or at a lunch
  • Buy a drink for 1 or more colleagues
  • Offer filling in drinks
  • Offer advise / help when they need
  • Say Thank You more
  • Even simply Smiling to Others is a type of giving
It's an investment to create a bonding rapport between you and your colleague/s.

What do you feel when someone buys you a drink? Often, you naturally feel appreciating and thinking I'll be doing something for him in return next time.

Based on the Karmic law, your giving will never be wasted so be proactive in giving, don't just sit and wait for others to initiate.