Monday, 26 April 2010

How to Get Rich

I believe every individual is responsible to get rich if he is not already for this to achieve it requires proper goal, direction and hard work.

How to earn beyond normal salary:
  1. Start a new Company: you need a business idea + hard work + good advice + passion
  2. Win big in a lottery: success probable? the chance is slightly above 0 and less than 0.01
  3. Inheritance: if you're lucky enough
  4. Marry a person who is already rich
  5. Steal it: people with moral values wouldn't take this option obviously even if they are able to do so but of course it would depend on the temptation and the individual personality
  6. Deal it: sometime you can deal what you have with something else
  7. Investment: investing in real estate or stock market. Stock market is too risky, property gives you in average 10% house price increase.
Is there any other way that you can imagine?

Along the way you need:
  • Increase your financial wisdom by learning about finance and business from books, experts, already successful people, reliable websites
  • Persistent Hard Work: if you work hard for 1 week then give up, nothing will change
  • Creativity: this can be developed by using the Dreaming technique
  • Know the opportunities happy to you and grab them; say YES to Opportunities and Ideas. YES let's do it. YES It's possible. YES let's try it. YES, do it screw it.
  • Learn from self-made rich people; how did they become rich - get all information you can about what they are doing now
  • Recognize that time is money
  • When focusing on high-priority tasks, get the job done well, and get the job done fast.
  • Ask for a pay raise or get a promotion; learn to stop being a people pleaser; pushover life
  • Be proactive and react to opportunities appropriately
  • Invest in assets (property, bond, savings, stocks, mutual funds, patents) rather than liabilities (car)
  • Save: a penny saved is a penny earned
  • Learn about investment options: bond, stocks, mutual funds
  • Think Big

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